Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Playstation 5

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Swing, jump, and use your new spider-web wings to move across New York City in the Marvel Universe and switch between Peter Parker and Miles Morales to experience different stories

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Marvel's Spider Man 2 Playstation 5

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The Spider-Mann Peter Parker and Miles Morales are now available in the upcoming Spider-Man-franchise on Marvel for PS5.

Slinger, spring and summer with new web pages at the door of this New York van Marvel. There is a lot of space between Peter Parker and Miles Morales and he has a lot of hard work and everything is broken, so he can use the icon icon on his bed.

This includes the Spider-Man version of Peter and the Miles stay for the most of the devices and the balans that are on the ground have their lives and there are super-held ones in the stadium that are most suitable for the home screen.

Stored in the street with two speelbare Spider-mannen Wissel Razendsnel tussen beide Spider-mannen tijdens je avonturen in het uitgestrekte New York van Marvel.

This Marvel-super-superschurken icon has many different icons, such as Venom, which includes Kraven the Hunter and the Lizard operation!

You can also download New York from Marvel
This New York van Marvel is larger than it is located in Brooklyn in Queens, in nearby locations around Coney Island.




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