Contra: Operation Galuga PlayStation 5

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Embark on this high-octane adventure and reignite the Contra legacy with "Contra: Operation Galuga."

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Introduction to Contra: Operation Galuga

Experience the revival of the legendary run-'n'-gun game, Contra, with "Contra: Operation Galuga."

This reimagined classic brings the 1980s arcade excitement into the modern era with enhanced graphics, new stages, revamped enemies and bosses, innovative play mechanics, an updated weapons system, and exhilarating cooperative combat.

Dive into the action with up to two players in Story Mode or four players in Arcade Mode!

The Mission

When the notorious Red Falcon terrorist group seizes control of the Galuga Islands near New Zealand, it's up to the elite Contra commandos, Bill Rizer and Lance Bean, to take charge.

They embark on a decisive battle to thwart the enemy's sinister plans and secure the future of humanity.

Gameplay and Levels

"Contra: Operation Galuga" invites players to navigate through eight challenging levels with dynamic environments.

Run, jump, and unleash havoc with a powerful arsenal of weapons, including the iconic spread shot, laser, and homing missiles.

Enjoy enhanced gameplay with stackable upgrades and new Overload abilities that add depth and intensity to your combat experience.

Customization and Difficulty

Tailor your gameplay with three adjustable difficulty settings and a series of additional challenge options.

Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned Contra veteran, the game adapts to your skill level, offering a customizable challenge that keeps you engaged and on your toes.

 Key Features Overview

- Rediscover the quintessential run-'n'-gun experience, now loaded with more action and contemporary flair.

- Tackle eight explosive stages with varied settings, from dense jungles to high-speed enemy bases on hovercycles.

- Choose from multiple playable characters, each boasting unique abilities that enhance gameplay.

- Confront epic, screen-filling bosses in monumental battles that test your skills.

- Master an array of new and beloved weapons, now featuring stackable upgrades and powerful Overload abilities.

- Explore a multitude of difficulty options and extensive extra content for endless replayability.


  • Action
  • Arcade
  • Shooter
PlayStation 5
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  • French ,
  • German ,
  • Italian ,
  • Japanese ,
  • Korean ,
  • Portuguese ,
  • Russian ,
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  • Spanish ,
  • Traditional Chinese
Voice language
  • English
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