PlayStation 5 ONE PIECE ODYSSEY - Collectors Edition

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Explore a mysterious island, uncover its secrets, and battle all-new enemies in this epic RPG

Play as your favorite Straw Hat Pirates, including Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, and Sanji!

Collector's Edition Includes:

Exclusive Luffy & Lim figurine, SteelBook with stunning artwork

Three commemorative postcards, In-game bonus items and DLC

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PlayStation 5 ONE PIECE ODYSSEY - Collectors Edition

The famed pirate, Monkey.D.Luffy, better known as Straw Hat Luffy, and his crew the Straw Hat Pirates, are sailing across the New World in search of the next island and the next adventure that awaits them

But during their voyage they are caught in a storm and shipwrecked

They find themselves washed up on a lush tropical island surrounded by constantly raging storms...

Separated from his crew, Luffy sets off on a grand, new adventure to find his friends and escape the island!

Dangerous new enemies, terrifying forces of nature, and more await them!

Play as various members of the Straw Hat Pirates in a classic RPG set in the world of the popular ONE PIECE anime!

Explore and uncover the story of its inhabitants, Lim and Adio

Mysterious ruins and never-before-seen monsters populate the completely new scenario and storyline never seen in the ONE PIECE story


Defeat new enemies, unravel mysteries, and unearth a whole adventure with your favorite Straw Hats! In addition to Luffy, you can play as Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji

Collection Include 

The Game: One Piece Odyssey PlayStation 5 

Luffy & Lim Figurine: A 23x21cm figurine

The special figurine features a dynamic Luffy and Lim, surrounded by the mysterious cubes of Waford.

 Exclusive Steelbook: The steelbook is decorated on both the inside and on the outside : the symbol of Waford’s cubes and a view of the island center beacon respectively.

 Exclusive Postcards: A set of three postcards, which depict important memories coming from the One Piece storyline

 The Collector’s box can open to become a background for the figurine of the collector edition!

 Deluxe Pack: the deluxe pack contains a special, exclusive Traveling outfit for Usopp and 2 additional accessories to power up the Straw hat crew.

 100.000 Berries: Can be spent in-game to buy items from merchants

 Up-coming DLC : buying the collector edition will allow you to receive a future DLC of One Piece Odyssey with no further expense


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PlayStation 5
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  • Spanish
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  • Japanese
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