Wireless Massage Gun with 6 Replaceable Heads and 6 Speeds (JY-711 PLUS)

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Whether you suffer from chronic muscle pain or you are recovering from an intense training session, you will get the instant relief you need

Six massage heads and 6 speeds

LCD Speed display

Rechargeable lithium battery

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The latest massage methods

Do you have a problem with muscle cramps after work or after exercising?

The massage device gives you a smooth and comfortable massage with an adjustable speed feature and 6 heads to help you relax different parts of your body. 

It increases muscle strength and flexibility and accelerates blood circulation. It is also used to speed up recovery after exercise and sports injuries.

Six specialty massage heads with 6 speeds

Interchangeable heads in 6 shapes to target specific muscle groups for faster recovery, easy and quick to remove and affix massage heads in seconds

1. Round Head (large muscle group)

It is usually used to provide a general, even massage.

Suitable for massaging large muscles such as shoulders and back.

It can help improve blood flow and general relaxation.

2. U-Shape head  (for neck and spine)

It is specially designed to massage the neck and spine.

Suitable for relieving muscle tension and stiffness in these areas.

3. Warhead (for joint)

Used to focus on massaging deeper muscles and more sensitive areas.

It can be used to provide deep pressure to relieve pain in the muscles.

4. Flat Head  (for any part of the body)

Used to provide general massage and muscle relaxation.

Suitable for use on various areas of the body.

5. Cold compression massage head (for joint swelling and muscle inflammation) 

helpful to treat muscle inflammation. Before using the cold water head accessory, the best effect is to place the cold water in the freezer for about 2 hours. 

Insert the cold head fitting into the massager and turn on the massager, press and hold the power button for 1-2 seconds. Set the massage gun at the required speed and position.

6. Hot compress massage head (relieve stiff and Painful muscles)

Press and hold the power button for 1-2 seconds to start the device, and then press and hold the heatmode button for 1-2 seconds to start the heating mode.

For deep massage and muscle relaxation.

A cordless massage gun is typically used to gently apply pressure on the body to deliver desired vibrations to targeted muscles and points.

The gun improves blood circulation, relieves muscle tension, and improves sleep quality

This device is ideal for personal use at home or in sporting activities to relax or relieve muscle pain and daily tensions.

Digital display screen

The wireless massage gun is equipped with a digital display screen that shows the speed level and battery power, you can increase or decrease the speed by touching the (+/-) buttons.


You can charge it from any device that has a USB port.

The charging time is about 3 hours. After charging, it can be used for 60-90 minutes.

Usage (Touch)

Press once to display the power, press and hold for 2 seconds to start the machine, and the adjustment force is 1-6 gears


Battery capacity
Charger type
  • Type-C
Charging time
3 hours
In The Box
  • 1*gun
  • Accessories
Input Voltage
  • ABS
Power W
14.5*17 cm
Working time
60-90 Minutes
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