META Unwrap Mixed Reality with Meta Quest 3

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Next-level experiences
Surround yourself in 3D sound
Dazzling graphics Faster load times.
Crisper details, Smoother play and Maximum comfort
More immersion Redesigned to help you find the perfect fit

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Blend the virtual and physical with breakthrough mixed reality

Bring virtual elements into your physical space with natural interactions.


Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord

High-fidelity, full-color passthrough keeps your surroundings in sight, while stereoscopic depth perception allows you to interact with characters or objects in the room around you.

breakthrough mixed reality

Surround yourself in 3D sound

Surrounded by sound

With enhanced sound clarity and an audio range that's 40% louder than Quest 2, all your favorite apps become more immersive.

Stream movies by creating the ultimate home theater within your headset, or play games backed by a soundtrack of booming bass that brings you straight into the action.

Dazzling graphics

Delve deeper with lifelike experiences—thanks to 4K+ Infinite Display resolution.*

You can also see more with an increased field of view (104° horizontal / 96° vertical) that extends your peripheral vision within virtual worlds.

*Two displays (2064x2208 resolution per eye) combined with Meta’s Infinite Display optical stack.

Faster load times, Crisper details and Smoother play


The most powerful chip we’ve ever put in a headset* enables faster load times and crisper details—whether you're courtside at an NBA game or battling bad guys to save the universe.

*Based on the graphic performance of the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 vs XR2 Gen 1 on Meta Quest 2.

Maximum comfort and More immersion

Redesigned lenses and a slim profile let you stay immersed in maximum comfort with extraordinary resolution.

Redesigned to help you find the perfect fit

Discover the setup that works best for you, including options that let you wear your headset over glasses—or accommodate different hairstyles and face shapes.


Touch Plus controllers for experiences you can feel

Feel like you're actually swinging a saber or casting a fishing line with TruTouch haptics that let you react to every experience as if you're physically there.

Explore on a platform you can trust


Explore VR on a platform you can trust, with enhanced privacy features that encrypt your data and supervision tools that keep content friendly for everyone in the family.

Processing Power

Next-level hardware

Meta Quest 3 headset side view

Lightning fast performance brings incredibly crisp details to life, thanks to double the graphic processing power of Quest 2.*

*Based on the graphic performance of the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 vs XR2 Gen 1 on Meta Quest 2.

Dual RGB Camera

Seamlessly blend worlds

Two RGB color cameras combine with a depth projector to deliver full-color, high-fidelity passthrough—giving you the ability to blend virtual and physical spaces.

Meta Quest 3 side

4K+ Infinite Display

Dazzling graphics

Awe-inspiring imagery

Visuals so spectacular you'll want to reach out and touch them — from ultra-realistic games to stunning scenes — thanks to 4K+ Infinite Display resolution.*

*Two displays (2064x2208 resolution per eye) combined with Meta’s Infinite Display optical stack. See here for more info on Infinite Display.

Touch Plus Controllers

Put virtual worlds in your hands

Put virtual worlds in your hands

A streamlined, ring-free design lets you experience intuitive movement and precise input, as if the controller is a natural extension of your hands.

TruTouch Haptics

Feel games like never before

New Touch Plus controllers enhance haptics for more sensations—so you can move and react intuitively.

Feel like never before

What’s included

Meta Quest 3 Headset with adjustable pre-installed Standard Facial Interface
2 Touch Plus Controllers with wrist straps and 2 AA Batteries
Charging cable & power adapter


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