Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League PlayStation 5

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Extraordinary story set in the sprawling open world of Metropolis, putting the four DC supervillains on a collision course with an invading alien force and the DC superheroes now out to take over the city . 

Defeat the Justice League single-handedly or fight with friends in multiplayer co-op

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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League PlayStation 5

Play as Suicide Squad to take down the world's strongest DC superheroes: the Justice League.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is a genre-defying action-adventure third-person shooter from Rocksteady Studios

Meanwhile, in Suicide Squad you have to keep an eye on the deadly explosive devices that have been implanted in their heads. At the first sign of resistance they could explode.

Each team member has their own moveset with expanded movement options to freely explore the dynamic, open world of Metropolis, as well as a variety of customizable weapons and abilities to master. 

Episode 01: Story and Gameplay

Find out how Rocksteady combined combat systems, story elements, movement abilities, melee attacks and explosive gunfights to create a unique and exciting experience.

Episode 02: Support Squad

Find out more about the support crew and how they equip the Suicide Squad with weapons and tools so that they have any chance of fighting the corrupt Justice League.

Episode 03: Introducing Elseworlds

You've played the main story, now you'll learn all about the free content that awaits you once the game is released, which will expand and evolve the game over time.

The heroes

Harley Quinn

Since the events in Arkham City - and the death of the Joker - life has been on Dr. Harleen Quinzel (better known as Harley Quinn) passes by. Harley, a former sidekick and born survivor who decided to become a one-woman show, must now join a team of misfits to do the impossible: kill the Justice League

King Shark

King Shark was a hopeful heir to his father's kingdom, but as the smallest child, he was a disappointment in the eyes of the Shark God. 

This fierce prince from an underwater kingdom is now forced to work with the enemy he both hates and is fascinated by: humans

Captain Boomerang

"Captain Boomerang" was the name the Australian press jokingly gave this criminal ( he didn't realize the name was intended as an insult). Boomerang must forget his quest for revenge if he wants to save the world - and more importantly, survive the confrontation with his all-powerful rival The Flash.


Deadshot (aka Floyd Lawton), an excellent sniper and hired killer, is known for never missing his target, whether that target is a human or a metahuman (a person with superpowers). This selfish, lonely and reputation-obsessed assassin is now forced to team up with a group of petty criminals to save the world


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