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Wash your hat safely, maintain its shape, and protect it from damage

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A specially designed round plastic structure for washing hats in the washing machine

Hats are often made of delicate materials like wool or cotton, and they can get damaged or lose their original shape if exposed to strong friction with other clothes or the internal parts of the washing machine. Additionally, washing hats by hand requires effort and time. 

Even distribution of water and detergents

The cage has a perforated structure that allows water and detergents to distribute evenly around the hat, reaching all its parts, including the brim and the inside. This ensures effective and clean washing without the accumulation of residues or stains.

Ease of use

The hat cage is designed to be user-friendly. You can easily place the hat inside the cage and secure it tightly using five fasteners before starting the washing cycle. This makes the process of washing the hat more convenient.

The cage is suitable for all types and sizes of hats. You can also use it to organize your hat inside a travel bag and maintain its shape while on the go.

Instructions for washing the hat and keeping it in good condition

You can use the hat cage in front-loading or top-loading washing machines, provided that they have a program for delicate clothes or gentle fabrics and allow temperature adjustment. It is recommended to use cold or warm water to maintain the hat's shape and prevent shrinking.

The hat cage can also be used in the dishwasher by placing it in the top rack.

Do not dry the hat using the dryer; instead, remove it and let it air dry completely.

When using the hat cage, make sure to put it in the washing machine alone or with a small load of clothes to avoid excessive pressure on the hat.

  • Plastic
34.5× 12.4× 16× 22 cm
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