Elden Ring Shadow of The Erdtree Edition PlayStation 5

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Discover the Secrets of the Shadow Realm in Elden Ring

New Powers and Unforgettable Adventures Await!

Start Your Journey Today and Become the Hero in an Exciting New Story

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PlatformPlayStation 5 RegionR2 VersionShadow of The Erdtree
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A Deep and Engaging New Story

Guided by Empyrean Miquella, players are beckoned to the Realm of Shadow, a mysterious place under the Erdtree.

In these strange new lands, players discover the dark secrets of the world and meet others who follow in Miquella’s footsteps but have ulterior motives.

Explore an Uncharted World

Shadow of the Erdtree takes players beyond the Lands Between to explore the Realm of Shadow, a completely new world in Elden Ring.

Players can seamlessly travel back and forth between its vast maps filled with diverse situations and meticulous dungeons where menacing enemies roam.

Expanded Abilities and Items

Shadow of the Erdtree adds new weapons, equipment, weapon skills, and magic not found in the base game, along with new enemies, boss encounters, and plotlines to increase players' RPG freedom.

Take on these threats with the new powers you can acquire.

To access the Realm of Shadow, players must defeat two optional bosses in the Lands Between: Starscourge Radahn and Mohg, Lord of Blood.

Once they are beaten, you can start this brand-new chapter in the Elden Ring story by touching the withered arm emerging from the cocoon found at the site of the Mohg boss battle.

Reaching both imposing foes and besting them poses a considerable challenge.

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Shadow of The Erdtree
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