3 in 1 Professional Multi-Purpose Cleaning Kit

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  • Biological ferment cleanser I Highly active biotin is extracted from plants,
  • which features prompt decomposition of greasy dirt and spots.
  • I Being environmentally friendly, non-corrosive, and coating forming,
  • the cleanser is an updated product to traditional cleans of LCD.
  • High-performance pearl wipes 1. Dust absorption humps like pearls scattered on the surface of the cloth through the unique weaving technique avoid damage caused to LCD.
  • made of fibers with strong lipophilicity to realize rapid absorption when contacting greasy materials and reduce repeated rubs on the LCD.
  • Computer brush I With the computer brush, the user can easily clean spots seemingly immune clean-up of the screen and keyboard, etc. Applicable scope Laptop, LCD, flat-panel TV, digital camera, precise instruments, lens, equipment, etc.

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