GFUZ CA-73 3 in 1 Charging Cable( Lightning, Type-C and Micro USB)

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3 in 1 Lightning, Type-C and Micro USB connectors.

Supports 3A current for fast charging.

Sealed base, ensures a long service life.

Wire with 0.2 m.

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  • Cable 3 in 1 will expand the capabilities of your gadgets, because it allows you to simultaneously connect three devices at once.
  • It will fit almost all used gadgets without the use of many adapters.
  • The length of the wire is 0.2 m, which will be more than enough for convenient use.
  • Its connectors are made of anodized aluminum, so they are durable in use and resistant to oxidation.
  • Fast Charging, supports 3A current for fast charging and efficient data transfer, showing good charging performance.
  • This makes this cable ideal for modern smartphones and chargers.
  • Save your time and charge your devices faster! Connectivity High-capacity 3A cable allows you to quickly charge your tablet.
  • The main feature of the cable is its versatility - the presence of Lightning, Type-C and Micro USB connectors, which will allow you to quickly charge a wide variety of devices.
  • For convenience, different cables with different connectors are highlighted in different colors.
  • The cable has a strong and reliable design: the sealed base does not collapse with frequent bending and ensures a long service life.
  • A strong nylon sheath guarantees tear resistance and protects against external mechanical influences.

cable lengths
20 cm
Charger type
  • Type-C
  • Lightning ,
  • Micro ,
  • Type-C
  • Nylon braided wire
  • 3.1A
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