Guardy Care Camera Detector With Theft Alarm + Mosquito Repellent

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Material: ABS 
White color 
Battery Capacity: 200mAh 
Charging time: about 2 hours 
Working time: 24 hours for the camera 
detection mode; 72 hours to set the burglar alarm

Equipped with 8 infrared LEDs, delivers more light to improve the reflection, bright enough for you to a bug or camera lens, no matter if it is plugged in.
A vibration alarm can detect any subtle vibrations and send out an audible alarm for -theft, take it with you to check on a vacation or business trip.
Easy to use, press the button, hold the finder close to your eye with the LEDs pointed away from you, and use the detector to your room slowly, any bugs or camera lens will be reflected.
Enter mosquito-repelling mode, and the unit emits a sound that mosquitoes can stand to stay away. Protects you from the annoying mosquito bite when camping.
Built-in rechargeable lithium battery enables the detector to work for about 24 hours of camera mode, or about 72 hours of vibration monitoring, and it can be charged by any USB device.