Trap Expert, Flying Insect Glue Sticker

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These flying trap is safe and effective way to control
houseflies, moths and other flying insects. It can be used
indoor and out such as garage, barn, porch office including
in food preparation areas or baby's room.



Directions for use:
Remove from box, carefully remove the protective paper.
Don't touch sticky surface. handle by top and bottom. Hang
the trap with plastic hook. For best result. hang vertically
with all sides of the trap expose, near the area where the
insects appear.


1. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.
2. Remove adhesive from hands,use paint thinner, mineral
spirits such as gasoline.
Wrap used trap in newspaper or plastic bag.
4. In case of accident contact with the glue, pls. use

following method:
Body contact with glue-use vegetable oil or kerosene.
Carefully erase with a cloth using kerosene & gasoline
scrub. Attention while scrubbing light clothes, use
solvent resistance carefully to prevent damage
to clothing.

Floor contact with glue-use flour or starch. Remove
adhesive from the floor by using vegetable oil.
Carefully wipe off the glue and then use floor
detergent cleaner.

• Kerosene, gasoline is flammable, keep in the absence of
fire source, use in a safe place.

Attracts flying and bitting insects in daylight and poor light.
No Vapours, Safe to use in the Kitchen and children play


Glue + Soft Plastic
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