Anti-Spy Camera with Signals and GPS Smart Detector (TX08)

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Easily track hidden wireless cameras, surveillance tools, and a wide range of devices.

Capture and intercept various wireless and magnetic signals.

Matrix Dispaly to monitor discovered devices and signal strength.

500mAh rechargeable battery via USB-C with a wireless detection range of 5 meters.

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The MasterPiece (TX08) employs an advanced integration of passive wireless frequency scanning, magnetic field detection, and infrared technology, making it highly effective for identifying various surveillance devices. It is adept at detecting eavesdroppers, telephone and conference surveillance, trackers, vehicular monitoring devices, wireless pinhole cameras, and wired camera systems, among others.

3D three-dimensional sensor chip

Special Chip, improves sensitivity, infrared equipement capture efficiency.

3.7V/500mA Polymer Lithium Battery

Boosts this beast for about 20h.


Features a 128*64 dot matrix display for real-time information display of detected devices.

Hidden Camera Detector

Features six LED lamp beads on its rear, designed for efficient scanning.

Utilizing an infrared filter, it detects hidden cameras by causing their lenses to reflect the LED light, producing a distinct high-gloss red dot. This innovative mechanism facilitates the precise location of concealed cameras.

RF Signal Detector

Identifies mobile, WiFi, Bluetooth, and radio signals.

For accurate use in Signal Detection mode, turn off or remove nearby known signal sources to prevent interference.

Adjustable 8 Levels of Sensitivity

Select the right sensitivity based on your needs with a dedicated button.

By adjusting the sensitivity button, expand or reduce the detection range. If you want to find a locator, please lower the sensitivity step by step and gradually reduce the detection range.

Magnetic Detector

Magnetic Detection Mode, designed to locate magnetized GPS trackers and magnetic eavesdropping devices.

Its extension cable probe enhances sensitivity and convenience in magnetic detection.

Upgraded Ultra-high Sensitivity Chip

Enhances detection accuracy and improves resistance to interference compared to previous models.

Can precisely identify mobile signals and radio waves within a 5-meter range and is capable of detecting electronic devices operating on frequencies between 1MHz to 3GHz.

GPS Bug Detector

Equipped with a high-sensitivity electromagnetic antenna and a robust magnetic detection sensor, enabling it to identify even weak signal transmissions.

Guard Mode (Sentinel Mode)

The GPS Tracking Device Detector can be hung on a doorknob.

Any slight external force will activate the Camera Scanner Detector, triggering a loud alarm and rapid LED light flashing.

Alarm Mode

Includes an Alarm Mode for additional safety, When in danger or in need of assistance, activating the Alarm Mode can signal for help.

Flash Light

No more worries in dark environment.



Wireless Distance
Battery capacity
In The Box
  • 1* Black Lanyard
  • 1* charging cable
  • 1* Extension Cable Probe
  • 1* Smart Detector
  • 1*Manual
  • 1*Type-c
English, German, Japanese, Chinese
  • PC
12.4*3.8*1.6 cm
  • 56g
Working time
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