Kitchen Foil Holder 4 in 1 (Spice Bottles - Aluminum Foil - Tissue Paper - Plastic Bags)

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  • This wall paper holder is easy to use and is a particularly practical kitchen accessory. It is suitable for paper napkins under 28cm and can be used for storing aluminum foil, cling film and kitchen towel. 

  • The kitchen shelf is ergonomically designed and safe to use. After each cut, extend the end of the film/film out of the roll holder just enough to make it easier to grip next time and the cutting blade will be safely hidden behind the cutter Cut the film neatly and precisely without hurting your fingers.

  • The kitchen shelf has a special design for hanging. Used to support the placement of paper sticks. The cling film or toilet paper is placed in the storage rack and hung on the wall, which can save space to some extent, while retaining its beauty, is hung at a suitable height for easy access.

  • The kitchen cling film holder is elegant, simple, elegant and beautiful. It is an ideal kitchen accessory. Designed with the wall-mounted cling film holder, it can keep cling film clean and keep your kitchen more tidy

  • This plastic wrap roof rack has hanging hole design. It can be glued or hung/nailed to the wall with 4 screws and 4 pieces of 3m glue. The glue has strong stickiness and the plastic wrap storage rack is light, not easy to fall off


  • plastic
24.1×39×6 cm
  • 1Kg
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