45L Double Layers Trash Dustbin

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Add a touch of modernity to your home and enjoy tidiness and cleanliness with our practical and comfortable household waste sorting basket!


Set out towards development and comfort with the innovative and unique mobile waste sorting basket, which is the perfect assistant for sorting garbage into three different categories.

The innovative and distinctive design of the garbage sorting basket makes it stand out with excellent quality. Made of strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant plastic, it prevents fingerprints and maintains its shine for a long time. The modern and beautiful white appearance of the waste bin can be placed freely anywhere and easily integrated into any decor.

Say goodbye to separate and space-consuming waste baskets! Thanks to its modern design, 360-degree rotating wheels, and large handles, the waste basket takes up less space than many independent baskets and can be easily moved from the living room to the kitchen or office.

With the locking mechanism on the rotating wheels, you can safely secure it in place without any movement.

The wastebasket has a large capacity that can hold large amounts of waste, allowing for efficient sorting and recycling through its integrated separate compartments. The upper part is composed of two sections separated by a mesh barrier, where a nylon bag can be placed in each section to designate one for food and vegetables waste, and the other for paper, napkins, or non-recyclable waste. The upper part is equipped with two handles for easy lifting in case of any liquid spills from the nylon bag, making it a convenient and suitable service for your life. The lower part of the waste basket is a large bin that can accommodate cans and large plastic bottles that will be recycled.

As an additional benefit, the side handles are suitable for hanging vegetable bags during cooking, saving space and making it easier for you to handle what you need.


  • PP
77.5×44.5×29.5 cm
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