Ultra Quiet Bladeless Fan with Remote Control

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Bladeless fan operates using air circulation technology
A gentle breeze blows like a refreshing breeze
Ideal for children's rooms as it is safe and non-hazardous.


Nature's Breeze Air

Break away from tradition and enjoy modern and convenient technologies

 The unique fan operates with a modern technology called Air Multiplier. This technology enhances the airflow by acceleration and direction, providing powerful and even ventilation without the use of rotating blades. This fan features a beautiful design free from traditional blades found in conventional fans.

When the airflow is accelerated through the internal channel, the air speed increases. As a result of this acceleration, the surrounding air is drawn in and mixed with the accelerated airflow, resulting in a strong and continuous air flow through the elliptical front loop of the fan.

The Air Multiplier technology pumps over 27 liters of smooth and powerful air every second, distributing purified air throughout the entire room. Enjoy even air circulation in the room.

Distribute air evenly

The fan excels in its ability to distribute air evenly. The accelerated airflow is directed in all directions, meaning there are no strong points or weak spots in the air flow. You will feel a comfortable breeze all around the room without being bothered by direct strong winds.

Remote Control

The fan comes with a remote control that allows you to operate the fan from a distance of 5 meters. You can control the power, adjust the timer, and change the speed. One amazing feature of the fan is the ability to set an automatic shutdown after 30/60/90/120 minutes, perfect for use during sleep.

Vertical Rotation of 90 Degrees

The fan tilts at a 90-degree angle by touching the base at the bottom to adjust the direction of the front loop either upwards or downwards, catering to all needs

Child Safety

Due to the absence of sharp rotating blades, the bladeless fan is considered safer to use, especially around children and pets. The absence of blades also makes it exceptional in its quietness. You won't be disturbed during operation as with traditional fans and you will enjoy a peaceful and cool sleep. Additionally, this unique feature makes it easy to clean as you won't have to dismantle the fan.

An Amazing Summer Experience

After these unique advantages, don't miss the opportunity to get one and experience the difference yourself. Enjoy a cool and peaceful summer away from the noise of traditional blades and headaches.


Power W
Control ways
  • dim button ,
  • Remote control
  • Plastic
Power Source
  • UK triple
40×20 cm
White & Grey
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