Retractable Car Screen Bracket with Magnetic Phone Holder (P11S)

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Fits most screens (6-18mm)

Retractable from 25cm to 38cm

Magnetic head fits phones that support Magsafe and other phones through the attached magnet ring

360° adjustability 

Attaches securely without damaging your car’s screen

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Retractable Car Screen Bracket with Magnetic Phone Holder (P11S)

The mount attaches securely to your car's screen, offering a stable and convenient location for your phone

It ensures optimal visibility for navigation, multimedia, and other applications without obstructing the driver's view

Designed to fit screens of various thicknesses, from 6 to 18mm, the mount can be retracted from 25 cm to 38 cm, making it adaptable to different screen sizes.

360-Degree Adjustability

Featuring a 360-degree swivel ball joint, this mount offers infinite viewing angles

This flexibility allows you to position your phone exactly where you need it for optimal viewing and accessibility.

Screen Protection Design

The mount’s advanced clamping mechanism ensures it attaches securely without damaging your car’s screen

The design prevents scratches and other potential damage, preserving the integrity of your vehicle’s display.

Powerful Magnetic Hold

Equipped with strong magnets, the mount offers a robust holding force

This powerful magnetic connection keeps your phone securely in place, even on rough roads, preventing any movement or shaking

Broad Compatibility

This magnetic phone mount supports a wide range of smartphone models, including iPhone 12, 13, 14, and 15 series

For other smartphone models, an included magnetic ring ensures secure attachment, providing universal compatibility

In The Box
  • 1*Stand
  • Aluminum ,
  • Silicone
25-38 cm
  • 245g
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