Aemeku 7612S 200W Car Power Inverter and Charger

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Converts 12V/24V DC to 220V AC Flawlessly.

4 Advanced USB Ports for Multi-Device Compatibility.

Stable 220VAC for International Devices (EU, US, UK, AU, KR).

LED Display for Continuous Battery and Input Voltage Check

Smart Temperature-Controlled Fan for Enhanced Safety.

Comprehensive Protection with 20A Fuse for Reliable Use.

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Vehicle into A Mobile Power Station

Meticulously engineered to convert your car's 12V/24V DC into a robust 220V AC, this inverter is the quintessential accessory for all your on-the-go power needs.

USB Charging Hub

Features an array of 4 cutting-edge USB charging ports and 2 AC output sockets.

Each USB outlet boasts an intelligent, brand-agnostic protocol, ensuring rapid and efficient charging for a wide range of devices from Apple to Samsung, Nokia, and beyond.

USB Ports

High-speed 30W PD Type-C port supports Power Delivery (PD) with a maximum output of 30 watts.this port is capable of adjusting its output based on the connected device's requirements, offering a versatile and efficient charging solution. supported output 5V-3A/9V-3A/12V-2.5A

Swift QC3.0 USB port Combined with fast charging protocol developed by Qualcomm.Dynamically adjusts the voltage delivered to the device in small increments, such as 200mV steps, allowing the charger to provide the optimal voltage required by the device at any point during the charging cycle. Desired outputs 5V-3.4A/9V-2A/12V-1.5A

Two additional USB-A ports with variable charging speeds 5V/3.4 Auto.

Dual AC (EU, US, UK, AU, KR) 

Deliver a stable 220VAC, perfect for powering or charging a vast array of mobile office and communication devices, as well as essential gear for emergencies. Its versatility extends to an impressive array of gadgets like drones, model airplanes, camcorders, digital cameras, DVDs, and more, making it a universal solution for virtually any digital, electronic, or electric need.

Verstile DC Connector

The Cigeratte DC Plug is equipped with rubber lit so you can expand and don't lose your Cigarette Lighter Socket function.

LED display

Offering real-time monitoring of your car battery voltage, ensuring you're always informed and in control.
Also conveniently indicates the DC input voltage, allowing you to monitor the status of the car outlet adapter seamlessly. This functionality is particularly useful when the unit is connected to the cigarette lighter plug, ensuring optimal charging of your electronic devices.

Superior Construction

An intelligently designed temperature-controlled cooling fan, this device efficiently dissipates heat and safeguards against potential short circuits.

Effortless To Use

Simply plug it into your car's cigarette socket, and it's ready to power your devices. Note that the inverter should not be used for extended periods after the car engine is off to prevent battery drainage.

Safety As A Priority

Features a range of automatic protections with Built-in 20A fuse, including under and over-voltage, overheating, and output overload, making it a reliable choice. And, the temperature rise and fan noise during operation are normal, maintaining optimal performance.

Operation Guide
1. Insert the power inverter 12V/24V plug into the in-car car cigarette socket, the inverter's LED will display the automobile battery voltage. meanwhile the blue ambient light will turns on.

2. Note: To avoid overloaded usage, please first understand the power of the appliance to ensure that it does not exceed the output power of the inverter.

3. After you connect your appliance to the inverter AC socket, press the AC button, the blue indicator light will turn on and the inverter starts to output 220VAC voltage, meanwhile the cooling fan inside the inverter starts working.

4. Please don't use the inverter for long time after the automobile engineshuts down, otherwise the automobile battery might be severely under voltage, and the engine ignition and automobile battery life would be affected

5. To determine your car's cigarette lighter socket voltage, consult the car's manual, speak with the car dealer, or use a multimeter for accurate measurement.

6. The inverter can handle up to 200W across its two AC outlets. However, if using all 4 USB ports and 2 AC outlets simultaneously, ensure the total power does not exceed 200W to prevent overloading.

7.  The inverter's modified sine wave may not be accurately measured by common voltmeters. Use a TRMS voltmeter for precise readings.


cable lengths
70 cm
Input Voltage
DC 12V/24V - 20A
  • 1* QC 3.0 USB ,
  • 1*USB-C ,
  • 2* Socket ,
  • 2* USB-A
  • ABS + PC
  • AC 220V+10%
Power Source
  • car cigarette lighter
Power W
15*7.6*3.5 cm
  • 300g
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