rechargeable Camping shower & PORTABLE BIDET

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easy to use and just press the hand button to release the water and adjust the water amount
Made of durable plastic material to provide safe and easy cleaning
Ergonomic design, it is comfortable to grip with little effort
Comes with easy hook and suction cup for mounting.

what's In the Box:
• Marine Grade waterproof pump with a built in 2200 MAH rechargeable battery 
• 6 Ft hose to reach any water container,sink, or bathtub
 • Bidet sprayer head 
• USB charger cable for easy convienience
 • Suction cup and S-hook for easy attachment onto walls and ceramic
spray head can be used for washing, gardening, floor cleaning, pet showering, toilet flushing, etc

Motor voltage: 3.7V
Battery: rechargeable 2200MAH lithium battery
Water flow efficiency: 2.5L/min
Hose: 6 FT that can extend to sinks and bathbasin most bathrooms
Weight 1.37 lbs