Bladeless Portable Neck Fan, Rechargeable Cooling Fan with Night Light

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Mini Portable Neck Fan 
USB Rechargeable Night Light Fan
Bladeless Silent Small Electric Cooling Fans
3-speed control
One charge, 8 hours of use, lasting life.



 1. Innovative design of the ramp guide wind system, as if the natural wind, cool and comfortable, refusing to blow directly.

2. Innovative turbofan blade and wind hole design, can cut the air more efficiently, and feel the cooler wind.

3. Weight reduction design, light, and no burden, ergonomic design, long-wear not tired.

4. Fan blade full package design, long hair, and short hair are applicable, do not have to worry about sucking hair.

5. Each group of turbines has a dual-channel air intake design, effectively improving the effect of wind gathering.

6. Anti-dust structure, unique hole design, to avoid the accumulation of dust fan blades.

7. One charge, 8 hours of use, lasting life.

8. With dazzling light effect, embellish the summer night.


Charging time
3 hours
Power Source
USB Rechargeable
Working time
8 hours
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