Straw Hat Crew Umbrella from One Piece Anime

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Feel like you're under the protection of the Straw Hat Crew themselves

Durable materials that are water and wear resistant

An eye-catching design for all One Piece anime fans

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Straw Hat Crew Umbrella from One Piece Anime

Collector's Gem

Upon opening, this umbrella reveals the vibrant world of "One Piece" with your favorite Straw Hat crew characters adorning the inner fabric, immersing you in excitement and fervor.

Innovative Design

Enjoy the sleek design of the umbrella with its classic black exterior, making it suitable for all times and occasions. 

It features the "One Piece" logo, adding a special touch to the umbrella, making it stand out even when folded.

Superior Protection

With its waterproof layer, this umbrella provides you with protection against rain and storms as if you were under the protection of the Straw Hat crew itself.

Easy to Carry

The umbrella is easy to carry and hang with the built-in loop at the back, allowing you to slip it around your wrist for convenience.

Perfect Gift

This umbrella is the perfect gift for fans of the "One Piece" anime, expressing love and passion for this epic series. 

By owning this umbrella, you show the world your affiliation and love for the world of "One Piece," as if you are part of the legendary story itself.


In The Box
  • 1*Umbrella
  • Fabrics ,
  • plastic ,
  • Stainless Steel
118*104*63 cm
  • 500g
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