Attack on Titan Garrison Regiment Cache Guard Medal

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Acquire the Garrison Forces Medal, join the Shield of Hope that defends humanity against the malevolent Giants, and safeguard the protective walls that keep humanity safe from peril.

Stationary Guard
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  • The Garrison Forces Medal, crafted from premium metals, stands as a remarkable work of art that represents the valor, integrity, and devotion of the soldiers who serve in the Garrison Forces.

  • Its meticulous design and intricate craftsmanship ensure its longevity, preserving treasured memories for years to come.

  • The medal pays tribute to the unwavering courage, unwavering fidelity, and selfless commitment demonstrated by members of the Garrison Force.

  • Whether kept as a cherished keepsake or presented as a gift to a loved one, this medal symbolizes distinction and honor, serving as a lasting testament to the sacrifices and achievements of our courageous military personnel.

Stationary Guard
Attack on Titan
  • Metal
  • 19.5g
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