Kyojuro Rengoku Figure - Demon Slayer

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CharactersKyōjurō Rengoku

Kyojuro Rengoku Figure - Demon Slayer

The Kyojuro Rengoku figure, a breathtakingly beautiful representation of one of the anime's most beloved characters.

This figure truly captures the essence of the Flame Hashira, with his fiery orange and black kimono, intricate sword, and fierce expression. You can practically feel the heat emanating from his sword as he prepares to take on the demons.

But it's not just the attention to detail on the figure that makes it so impressive. The pose is dynamic and action-packed, with Kyojuro in mid-leap, ready to strike down any demon that crosses his path. And the base is designed to look like flames, adding to the overall excitement of the piece.

Whether you're a collector of anime figures or simply a fan of Demon Slayer, the Kyojuro Rengoku figure is a must-have. It's a stunning piece that will make a bold statement in any collection or on any shelf. So don't hesitate - add this incredible figure to your collection today!


Kyōjurō Rengoku
Demon Slayer
  • PVC
17 cm
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